The Festival of York Central

The Festival of York Central – coming soon!

This is a festival with a difference. The Festival of York Central will be a celebration of people power, of being part of shaping your city, of being part of something big. There will be walks, workshops and videos (and you may find yourself starring in some of them!). There will be questions and some answers. There will be lots of discussions and debate. There will sometimes be food and pubs. And there will almost always be Post-Its. There will be many, many Post-Its (and every one will count).

The York Central Exhibiton is based at the National Railway Museum from 21st March until 27th April. The exhibiton will remain the same throughout except for the many post-it note contributions people are making annotating the boards with their questions, views and ideas.

Alongside the exhibiton we’re running lots of events. Based at the National Railway Museum but reaching out into York Central, the neighbouring communities and the rest of the city, we will be working with the masterplanners Allies & Morrison and York Central Partnership to use the current thinking behind emerging masterplan ideas as a springboard to develop richer and deeper thinking about York Central.

We’ve looked at the questions which are already coming in, and have shaped the first four weeks events around the biggest broad themes:-

Public space in York Central: Week 1 – 19th March – 25th March
Living in York Central: Week 2 – March 26th – 1st April
Working in York Central: Week 3 – 2nd April – 8th April
Moving around (and beyond) York Central: Week 4 – 9th April – 15th April

We’re in the process of setting up activities and events, which will appear on our Events page here, but we want your ideas too. What ideas would you like to kick around, and how? What would you want to be part of, and what would bring in your neighbours and friends? Ideas to In the meantime we’ll be busy filling up the diary, so keep checking back to see what’s new and look out for news on Twitter and Facebook (and say hello to us there too).