Hopes for York Central gathered during the first phase of My York Central in 2017.

Welcome to My York Central. Join the conversation to shape a new part of York.

2018: My York Central launched in Spring 2018 with the Festival of York Central. Following the end of the York Central Exhibition we drew out a Vision, a Big Ideas summary and key Principles to guide the development of York Central.

2019: This led to a masterplan which was passed in outline through the Council Planning Committee on 25th March 2019.

2020: The planning application for the detail of the major infrastructure including the new bridge and the central road was submitted in April 2020.  A community-led group called York Central Co-Owned (YoCo) are forming to take forward the ideas from My York Central into a neighbourhood on York Central. There is much still to be shaped and decided, so a new phase of My York Central is launched.

My York Central 2020

To begin our My York Central 2020 conversation we are starting with two strands of public engagement in July, August and early September 2020.

Setting agendas: The first is a call for the questions or issues you want to raise. Help us set the agenda for the new My York Central conversation.

The big why: The second is to look at why we are developing York Central. One big reason for doing anything is to increase our happiness and for us all to flourish. How can York Central be developed to increase our personal and collective happiness?

To explore this bigger question, we want to explore our reflections on happiness given we’ve all been through quite radical changes in our everyday lives over the past four months. We’ll be asking the opening up the following questions with lots of different people in different ways:

  • What about your home makes you happy?
  • What about your neighbourhood makes you happy?
  • What about York makes you happy?

In this we want to work with what is working as a way of opening up and changing what isn’t. We know insecurity about homes and jobs, racism, exhaustion, loneliness or even fear may be part of everyday life. But can we make York Central out of the things we already know make us happy? Can we use this positivity to help us understand, challenge and change the cultures, economics and politics that might otherwise constrain this other York? Can working with what’s working give us the tools with which to shape the future?

Join the conversation and stay in touch

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