Hopes for York Central gathered during the first phase of My York Central in 2017.

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2018: My York Central launched in Spring 2018 with the Festival of York Central. Following the end of the York Central Exhibition we drew out a Vision, a Big Ideas summary and key Principles to guide the development of York Central.

2019: This led to a masterplan which was passed in outline through the Council Planning Committee on 25th March 2019.

2020: The planning application for the detail of the major infrastructure including the new bridge and the central road was submitted in April 2020.  A community-led group called York Central Co-Owned (YoCo) are forming to take forward the ideas from My York Central into a neighbourhood on York Central.

2021: In Autumn 2021 we are continuing to carry forward the ideas from My York Central through a new collaboration between York Central Co-Owned and Demos, ‘Crowdsourcing a Community Plan for York Central’.

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