Week 1: My York Central Questions…affordable housing, air quality, land ownership and more…

Last week we launched My York Central by asking for questions you might have about York Central or any of the issues it raises.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions so far. If you want to get a flavour of the range of questions that have been rolling in, you can have a look at the list of tags on our flickr site.

The questions will be responded to in the following ways. Everyone Monday we will gather together a batch of questions.

Where there are specific answers we’ll pass them to the York Central Partnership team for them to respond to. As the responses come in, we’ll also use this as a chance to meet the different members of the partnership and of the professional staff team.

Where there are no answers because decisions have yet to be made – or the questions are focused on bigger issues about the kind of city and world we want to live in, as some are – then we’ll say that and use the questions to inform events for the Festival of York Central, which will begin in the week commencing 19th March (and we will probably try and get the question asker involved in running the event too!).

Keep the questions coming, if your question hasn’t been picked this week, we’ll aim to get to it next week!

Questions from week commencing 19th February 2018.

Affordable Housing: How many houses will be affordable…and what is affordable!?

Affordable Housimg? And what is affordable?

Density: How high will the buildings be?

Density: How high will the buildings be?

Cars: what are the target figures for car movement through the site?

Through traffic

Leeman Rd: Will there still be through access?

Access via Leeman Road?

Traffic Impact: How is that being modelled?

Traffic Impact

Air Quality: How are we planning to ensure York Central reduces pollution?

Air Quality?

Cycling: Is proper infrastructure going to be put in?

Cycle Infrastructure

Who owns the land? How public is it?

Who owns the land?

Brief/Vision: What is the Council’s brief to York Central Partnership? What is the vision from each partner?

A brief for York Central?

A vision for York Central?