What tagline should we choose for a Re-imagined York?: My Future York at the Festival of Ideas

‘Reimagining the City’, 17th June. Part of the Festival of Ideas.

On Sunday 17th June My York Central is taking part in an event ‘Re-imagining the City’ as part of the University of York’s Festival of Ideas.

We’ll be inviting participants to reflect on what the panel talks and discussion might mean for York. We’ll be doing this during the day with our trusty post it notes but also online.

You can take part in the discussions via this link.

We have an overall question:

The tagline for Las Vegas is ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. What tagline should we choose for a Re-imagined York?

And then two questions for each session. One quick fire ‘in three words’ and one more open question.

For the ‘Technology and Transport’ session which explores ‘how architecture, technology and transport underpin urban living and how they impact on the environment, our lives, health and happiness’ we’re asking:

What does ‘city living’ mean in a city like York?

In three words: How would you like to be travelling in York in ten years’ time?

For the ‘Building Sustainable, Successful Communities’ session we’re asking:

Who needs to be involved to build communities in York?

In three words: What does ‘success’ mean for you in your communities?

And for the final ‘Re-imagining York’ session we’ll be asking:

What aspect of York needs the most re-imagination?

In three words: You are in York in 10 years’ time, what do you see and hear?

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