A bit more on the Hub for Creativity and Innovation event

A Hub for Creativity and Innovation?

Drop in to Friargate Meeting House, 5th July between 3pm and 8pm to explore what ‘a community made through exchange’ might mean for York Central and York more generally. And bring an idea, skill or game to share… and plan to learn something new in the process!

Based on the conversation during the Festival of York Central we drew out 8 big ideas. Two of the ideas were:

6) A community made through exchange: York has enormous wealth, socially, culturally and financially. Use York Central to build a community that can build links between people to address inequalities through sharing and exchange.

7) A hub that catalyses York’s creativity and innovation: Amazing things are happening in York from media, science and technology and heritage. Develop a showcase and learning hub that challenges perceptions and fuels new ideas and networks.

We’re going to be explore more what these might mean for York Central and for York in general on 5th July. We running a drop in event 3-8pm, Friargate Meeting House. You can read more about the event here and tell us you are interested here.

We plan to use the event to enact and try out what a Hub might be and feel like, so we hope those that come will bring something they might like to share (an idea; a skill; a card game; a joke!) and come open to learn something new from someone else too!

Throughout the day and via social media we’ll ask:

  • What do you want to be able to share and exchange?
  • What is needed to make a ‘community made through exchange’ possible?

And, like all our events, we’ll be seeking to draw out a working brief and work out what we need to do next to develop the idea further and start to bring it to life!