YORK CENTRAL PARTNERSHIP PRELUDE: How will the York Central Partnership use the My York Central summary?

The following summary of feedback is being considered and discussed with YCP and the masterplanning team. It will help to refine and inform the masterplan and the various components of the planning application which is due to be submitted in August 2018.

In addition to the My York Central and wider stage 3 consultation feedback, YCP and the masterplanning team will consider the following:

• Further design work;
• Ongoing technical studies and assessments;
• Ongoing discussions with statutory consultees as part of the pre-application process; and
• Any subsequent targeted engagement as part of stage 4 of the planning application engagement process in advance of the submission of the application(s).

It is envisaged that these workstreams will assist YCP in progressing the following:
1. Refinement of the overarching vision and objectives for York Central.
2. Refinement and evolution of the indicative masterplan and further illustrative studies and materials.
3. Preparation of a set of planning application material which will inform the basis of the consent. As set out

In the exhibition this is likely to include a development schedule (the uses and amounts of development proposed), parameter plans (plans showing the limits of proposed development such as heights and layouts of plots) and design guidance (a guidance document against which future detail planning applications will be assessed).
4. Identification of other topics of discussion which are outside of the remit of YCP or the current planning application. These will be shared with other organisations (e.g. City of York Council) as appropriate.
5. Considering the ongoing approach to engagement beyond the immediate planning application.

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