Week 2 #My York Central Questions

Welcome to Week 2 of My York Central Questions – we’ve had the responses to our first batch of questions and we’re currently using all the questions submitted to help us develop events for The Festival of York Central. We are delighted to present our second crop of questions – sent off to the York Central Partnership for their consideration. We have one more week of calling for questions before we move into our Festival events, so do send ’em in. And there’s a chance to pose the questions in person at the Meet the York Central Partners and Professionals event, 14th March, 7.30pm (book your free place).

In terms of the York Central Partnership, who is investing what and what to they want to get out of York Central?

How can we make the streets of York Central full of children playing?

Where are the planners – Allies and Morrison – getting their inspirations from?

Have we properly conisdered trams and light rail?

How long will york Central last? Are we building an area of the city to last as long as parts of York’s city centre?

How can we ensure all the property doesn’t get sold off to investors?